Meet the committee:

Carol Slinn, Chairperson

I've been playing at Newbridge Netball Club for more than 4 years. I started coming to their Back to Netball sessions and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I've since helped the club to grow and was proud to see us enter our first team in to the Avon League in September 2016. I really enjoy playing league games and continuing to develop my play through the training sessions.

My preferred position is WD or anything defensive. Though I'm just happy to play, so you could stick me anywhere and I'd still be smiling!!!

Hannah Gough, Treasurer

About 6 months ago I was getting fed up of the same old gym routine and as I was new to the area I wanted to join a sports club where I could meet new people and just have a bit of fun. I played netball in school but that was years ago and I'd forgotten all the rules, but the Newbridge ladies made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped in. You get quality training in a laid back atmosphere, everyone is happy to share their experience and help me learn and I even discovered a position which I never thought I'd play (as I'm somewhat vertically challenged!), GS. I feel like I've grown in confidence and most importantly I've made good friends!

Vicky Webb, League Secretary

I started playing netball again at Newbridge Netball Club after a gap of about 15 years. I played at school and decided to take up the sport again as a means of meeting people and keeping fit. Everyone is genuinely so nice and we always have fun at training sessions. I generally play GD or GK, although I do really enjoy playing around with different positions in training. I took on the role of league secretary at the start of the 2017/18 season as I’ve really enjoyed my last 18 months at the club I thought it was about time I got more involved!

Becky Parker, Back to Netball Secretary

I joined Newbridge Netball in early 2017; I hadn't played netball properly since school and was so excited to find a friendly and fun team to join. The club is extremely popular for all abilities and is keen to show each player their true potential. My preferred position is GD although I will play anywhere in defence. I've met some truly fantastic friends through the club and enjoy returning every week.

Fleur Thompson, Communications & VC

I played Netball loads at school but hadn't really played much since, and decided to have a look around for a local club and was very happy that I discovered Newbridge! The club is extremely friendly and welcoming, and it's great to get coaching every week. When I was younger (and fitter!) I used to play Centre, but have recently tried my hand at shooting and am really enjoying it, so I now play GA and really loved our first season in the league. In order to cram even more Netball into my life, I have also taken up umpiring, and am very proud to be the club's first fully qualified umpire! As well as my netball skills, I've been trying to put my technical skills to good use to help the club - hope you like the website!


Cath Dickie, Social Secretary

I joined Newbridge Netball Club in 2015. I wanted to find a sports club to join to get fit and meet some new people. I joined with a friend and was a bit nervous to begin with, having not played since school and thought my height would give me a massive disadvantage (I'm only 5ft tall)! However everyone was so friendly and welcoming and the coaching that comes with the session is brilliant. It didn't matter that I had forgotten the rules, everyone's happy to help. My confidence on and off the court just keeps growing! My preferred position is WA but I like to have a go at other positions. I just love being part of a team, and have loved being one of the 'Ninjas' playing in the Avon League.